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New album from Hollerado: White Paint

February 26, 2013

Yesterday I received an email from Hollerado, celebrating Christmas exactly two months late and the release (today) of their new album White Paint.  This is their first album since their debut Record in a Bag back in 2009.  How much fun is Hollerado? I found out today that the first 200 fans to pre-order the “White Paint Super Duper Deluxe Package” from received a custom song written exclusively for them. Too cool.

In honor of the release of White Paint, I’d like to re-direct you to one of the first pieces I wrote for this site, “The ‘largest event in music history’ vs. the small non-events that make music great.”  It’s a testament to why I love this band, and music in general.

Also, here is the email sent by the band yesterday:

Re: Hollerado’s Annual Late and Shitty Christmas Card

Hi Everyone

I hope you are having a great 2013 so far. Here is the 5th installment of our annual late and shitty christmas card. We are quite impressed with how late we managed to send it this year….a new record!

Hope you have a great christmas with your friends and family and pets and and and wishing you the best and many adventures in 2013. adventures!

Happy Holidays!



ps. our new record “white paint” comes out tomorow. makes a great 2013 or 2014 christmas gift for all those of you who like to get your shopping done early!


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