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Shriek of the Week: Deee-Lite, “Groove Is in the Heart”

June 13, 2014

1,2,3, blooooooooo!

Back in the late ’80s and very early ’90s – not exactly a great time for music – what passed for popular music often consisted of cheesy, quirky house, hip-hop or dance music. This was the era of Vanilla Ice, the Humpty Dance, C+C Music Factory, Tone Loc, Wiggle It … you get the point. (And if you’re too young to remember those artists and songs, click on some of those links. You will not be disappointed. 1990 was hilarious.) Among this shockingly dated material lives one song that appeared at the time to be just another “Everybody Dance Now!” but has survived the test of time to stand as a genuinely great dance song nearly 25 years later. I present to you Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is in the Heart“.


Listen to Groove Is in the Heart and there are some things I promise you will do: Dance. Sing. Laugh. Smile. This song is the embodiment of joy. It’s a legitimately great song, a mix of disco and funk and hip-hop and sampling that just plain works. It rocketed up the charts and was a staple of clubs in 1990 and I only wish that it was still as ubiquitous today (not that I’ve been to a dance club in a long time!).


I picked up the 12″ single when I stumbled upon it about six months ago and immediately threw it on my turntable. As you can see in the photo below, this single contains three remixes of the song, with names like Peanut Butter Radio Mix and Jelly Jam Beats.


Watch the crazy psychedelic video below. See if you aren’t singing these wild lyrics before you’re through. Dig!


Deee-Lite – Groove Is in the Heart – official music video

  1. Reblogged this on The 90's and commented:
    A club classic. The video depicts the 90’s fashion perfectly and I’m hoping to use it as inspiration for an upcoming shoot…

    • I loved re-watching it! I’d forgotten all about that crazy intro.

      Upcoming shoot? Tell more. Thanks form re-blogging!

      • yes! I created this blog as part of a college project and I’m planning on taking shots inspired by the 90’s over summer- so this video is perfect for inspiration! you’re welcome!

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