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Hey Internet – They Might Be Giants Has a Special Gift For You

July 1, 2014

Just go here and claim it!

The always wonderful, fun and generous They Might Be Giants are sharing for free their entire first (self-titled) album (also known as the “Pink Album”), as recorded over the course of their 2013 tour.

Here’s what they have to say:


These performances were culled from shows on They Might Be Giants’ 2013 world tour.  John Flansburgh and John Linnell are joined by their stellar band — Dan Miller on the guitar, Danny Weinkauf on bass, and Marty Beller on the drums. There is also a guest appearance by the Avatars of They.


They Might Be Giants’ first album, also known as the “pink album” because of the distinctive pink skyline in Rodney Allen Greenblat’s cover illustration,” was a turning point for both the band and the burgeoning world of indie rock.

They Might Be Giants had been performing in downtown NYC clubs and had become a fixture on the East Village scene where performance art and music  flowed together in a vivid late night club scene. In those earlier years, the band was  making recordings for their Dial-A-Song service and their demos were actively passed around town. While the album’s release in late 1986 was met with raves from critics (including the rare “A” rating from the Village Voice’s Robert Christgau), with no major label push or immediate radio interest, it seemed destined to settle comfortably into the Miscellaneous T section within a number of months. All that would change quickly when the band collaborated with video director Adam Bernstein, on a series of original clips that would get serious play on MTV….

TMBG has been releasing free stuff for years, and have consistently been ahead of the curve in Internet offerings. They have had both audio and video podcasts, a YouTube channel, a fan Wiki that they enthusiastically support, and an iPhone app. The Pink Album includes the song “Don’t Lets Start“, still a TMBG favorite. I haven’t listened to the live album yet (just downloaded now) but I’m sure it won’t disappoint. After all, it’s FREE!

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