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Concert Review: The National at Prospect Park Bandshell: June 17, 2014

June 18, 2014

Almost exactly one year ago I wrote about the National’s show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, saying that they “put on an arena-worthy show that was so good – so perfect in every way – that to describe it would not do it justice. Perhaps I love this band too much to do a fair recounting of the show.” One year later and nothing has changed. The National are simply my favorite band going today by a country mile, and once again they put on a 2-hour 24-song extravaganza. Every one of their last four albums were incredible and their live shows are even better. So once again, rather than review the show with endless platitudes, I’m gong to post the setlist with a photo taken during each song. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Then here’s 25,000 words on the National’s first of three nights at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Bandshell. (As you will see, I was very close to the stage, on the left-hand side when facing it.)

Don’t Swallow the Cap


I Should Live in Salt


Geese of Beverly Road

"This song was written over there (pointing out into the park), just a stone's throw away"

“This song was written over there (pointing out into the park), just a stone’s throw away”

Bloodbuzz Ohio




Sea of Love


Hard to Find


Afraid of Everyone


Conversation 16


Squalor Victoria


I Need My Girl


This is the Last Time


Green Gloves

"I sound like the guy from the Men's Warehouse. 'This song is called Green Gloves. You're gonna like the way it makes you feel depressed.'"

“I sound like the guy from the Men’s Warehouse. ‘This song is called Green Gloves. You’re gonna like the way it makes you feel depressed.'”



Slow Show


Pink Rabbits






About Today


Fake Empire


[encore break]

Santa Clara


Mr. November


Terrible Love


Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks


Update: If you missed the show (or even if you didn’t) you can listen to the entire thing here, courtesy of WFUV (90.7 FM), Fordham University Radio.

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  1. 6-17-14 Prospect Park, Brooklyn, this was a night to remember. I also saw The National at the Barclays, we were on the floor and I can not say enough about the absolute talent of this band as a whole They are my favorite and I can never get enough. We are going back tonight for the second show and if I didn’t already have tix for Gaslight Anthem I would be there Thursday as well. We were so happy, Matt came right down past us, I patted him on the back and thought….my life is complete, lol. I feel bad for Matt all bloodied after the crowd surf but was on awe of how he just carried on, I hope he is ok. Your photos of the show were fantastic, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for sharing!

      After Matt went through the crowd on Mr November, I didn’t think he’d do it again. Then he came right up to where I was standing against the front railing and I was one of the people who helped him up to run across the railing during Terrible Love. I was shocked at how much he was bleeding down his face! Matt knocked my glasses off but I still got the pic 🙂 can’t wait for tonight!!

  2. Brett permalink

    What time did they take the stage?

  3. Rowena permalink

    Thank you for your review super excited but I’ve never been to this venue and am going tomorrow; weather forecast seems like it may rain. Do you have recommendations on where is the best places to be to enjoy show tomorrow?
    Also where would the bars/restrooms be in relation to the show (priorities 😉
    Thank you!

  4. Michael permalink

    Your pictures are amazing! I am going to see them on June 12th. Would you mind sharing with me the best time to arrive that day for the best chance at getting a similar spot near the stage?


    • Thanks! I know I arrived very early, but at Prospect Park it’s all about wanting it the most. As long as you work your way to the front, you’ll get there! Enjoy the show!!

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