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Don’t Call It A Comeback

November 15, 2016

I’m the kind of guy who likes to revisit his past. I believe that if I loved something or someone before I probably can again, and possibly always have and will. With that in mind, I post this to mention the possibility of resuming 2bitmonkey after a 2+ year hiatus. Readers, what few of you I had, must have abruptly noticed when after 20 months of blogging I suddenly stopped after a post about punk music in late July 2014. I’d explain why I stopped cold but I’m not sure I can. Things just kind of got away from me as things tend to do. 

The site had evolved over time, with less attention given to long featured essays and more to to shorter reviews. I think I liked the 2012 version better. So some things will stay, others will go … we’ll see. And once again we’ll evolve together. 
The important thing is that I want to write again. I hope you want to read me again. Enjoy!

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