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The Newest Hipster Rage: Nose-picking

March 28, 2014

This is “What’s Making Me Happy This Week,” a weekly feature inspired by the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

What’s Making Me Happy This Week is a column that I came across in Slate about the newest hipster phenomenon. The column is written by Simon Doonan, who you probably (don’t) know is the creative ambassador for Barney’s New York, so if he says it’s a trend, well then it’s a trend. And what is that trend sweeping  North Williamsburg? None other than your favorite kindergarten activity – nose-picking.

In fairness to Doonan, his official stance is that public nose-picking is not OK, despite the fact that “the nose-picking trend [is] spreading rapidly to nonhipster circles.” What matters though is not what Doonan thinks, rather it is that this is something that is so widespread it’s actually being written about. And Doonan does have a way with the words:

I guess it was inevitable. If the goal of chic Brooklynites is to appear gritty and unprissy, then it was only to be expected that they might add this revolting activity to their repertoire of coded heritage signifiers. And add it they have. Every time I board the L train, I clock another organic pickle-maker taking a nosedive. A stroll through any organic brewery or boutique hotel will invariably result in a few sightings. Hey buddy! Give me a wave when you reach the bridge!

Now before you point your accusatory pick-free pointer at me – I’m not happy about this column because it gives me carte blanche to pick in public (at least in Brooklyn). I’m not even particularly happy about the boogers on the loose in my home borough. But I do love this article. It’s cool to pick!

And that’s What’s Making Me Happy This Week.

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