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New Music-Book Review Website: AllMusicBooks

February 10, 2014

I don’t know which website tipped me off to the existence of, but I hope they push more people in that direction. Because the guys behind this site have the right idea. Or at least, they share an idea that is near and dear to me – two of the best things that we have in this world are music and books, and the two work best when they complement one another. As they explain it:

We like to think is a little bit different kind of resource. We love music. It is our passion and we like to broaden our minds by reading the many wonderful books about this passion that are available these days. Almost obsessively. Our community (we think we’re bigger than a “niche”) is made of up all kinds of people …you know, music fans. Like you. And we’d love for you to contribute your own reviews and help grow our crazy little community. […] We believe that we, as a species, owe our basic humanity to music. Language comes second and is a direct descendant of music. So let’s read and listen and learn. As musical omnivores we are here to help start the conversation…

The site is an aggregation of generally highly detailed, well though out, book reviews posted by fans. (Their tagline is “Must-read music book reviews. By fans. For fans.”) Books are sorted into categories based on the genre of music (with a separate link for “New Releases”) and posting a review requires signup for an approved “reviewer account.” This means that there may be fewer reviews than you’ll find on, say, Amazon or Goodreads, but they will be written by people who have invested a little more time in their review. I don’t see this as a replacement for Goodreads – after all, no one reads only music books – rather as a secondary source when I want to make a decision as to which of the hundreds of artist biographies and period books that are out there.

Like any user-generated content site, AllMusicBooks will improve the more people use it. As of now many books haven’t been reviewed at all, but I hope that changes. I tried to do my part by posting a few reviews of my own, and the folks at AllMusicBooks were kind enough to make one of them a featured review displayed on the home page. (Too bad that it was for a book I didn’t like all that much; I still enjoy your writing Nathan Rabin!) I encourage readers to check out the site and write reviews of your own. Not because I have any affiliation with the site – I don’t – I just want to read more book reviews!

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