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Music, Movies and Books to Look Forward to in 2014

December 30, 2013

With the new year less than 48 hours away, here is a completely incomplete list of things I’m looking forward to in 2014:

  • In the world of books, I don’t often get excited for a sequel, but this may be the most I’ve ever eagerly anticipated a book the way I would a new record or movie. Chuck Palahniuk announced during Comic-Con that he was working on a sequel to his legendary book Fight Club, for release (hopefully) in 2014. Strangely – as if there’s any other way with Chuck – it will be in graphic novel form. I’m not a graphic novel person, but this will be on my pre-order list whenever it becomes available.
  • There are literally over 100 movies on the calendar for 2014, but only two that caught my eye as must-see for me. The first is again a sequel, this time from Kevin Smith. – “Clerks III” should be coming out in November, 20 years after the original hit theaters. “Clerks” is still my favorite Kevin Smith movie, and while the second installment wasn’t great I still can’t get enough of Dante, Randall, Jay and Silent Bob.
  • The other movie that I will definitely see comes actually has a release date – March 28. It is “Bad Words,” the directorial debut from Jason Bateman. I find Bateman hilarious, raising even average movies to good and bad movies to watchable. But after a few years putting out those mediocre efforts, I’m excited to see Bateman play the bad guy again in a foul-mouthed R-rated comedy.

“Bad Words” Red Band Trailer

  • In music, there are new releases, concerts, and anniversaries that I’m looking forward to, starting with a couple of new record / record release shows that I’ve mentioned beforeToo True, the new album from the Dum Dum Girls, is coming out in late January with . To coincide with the album the DDGs will be playing at the intimate Mercury Lounge on January 30, which will probably be my first show of the new year. Later in the year Tokyo Police Club will be releasing their new album and playing NYC as well (Webster Hall) as part of a very short tour.
  • Late in the summer is the concert event I’m most excited about in 2014 – Arcade Fire at the Barclays Center. Reflektor is a terrific album and while I was one of the lucky few who got to see them in a Brooklyn wartehouse when the album came out, this arena show should be amazing. Like the National’s Barclays Center show in 2013, I expect this to me my concert highlight for the coming year.
  • The new album release I’m most excited for comes from Beck. Morning Phase will be Beck’s first album of recorded music since 2008, so it’s long overdue. Morning Phase is due out in February and is the second most highly anticipated new album for 2014 according to Stereogum. Personally, I hate it ahead of Kanye’s follow-up to Yeezus.
  • Finally, there are two anniversaries that I’m looking forward to for very different reasons. The first is the 20th anniversary of Weezer’s debut, aka the Blue Album. There have already been multiple Blue Album reissues, and I already own a vinyl and CD copy, so why the anniversary excitement? I suspect that the band will, like they did several years ago, play the Blue Album in its entirety on a 2014 anniversary tour. There are no rumors yet; it’s just a hunch I have.
  • The other anniversary is a sad one but one that I’m looking forward to for the media coverage it will receive. April 5 will mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain. Cobain’s death was a tragedy that rattled the music community, and his life and legacy will no doubt be remembered in the weeks leading up to April 5. I look forward to the many Cobain tributes that will be written in the months to come.

2014 is now just hours away and there’s so much to look forward to. Happy New Year loyal readers!

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