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Duck Quacks Don’t Echo

November 15, 2013

This is “What’s Making Me Happy This Week,” a weekly feature inspired by the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

What’s Making Me Happy This Week is the privilege I had of attending a live taping of a new comedy/science show that will be airing on the National Geographic Channel called “Duck Quacks Don’t Echo“. The hosts of the show are the very funny Michael Ian Black, Tom Papa and Seth Herzog. It’s a clever idea, a way for NGC (a channel I’ve never watched) to lure in a different group of viewers than its normal demographic (fans of comedy, not science). The premise is pretty simple – the three hosts each present two scientific facts and demonstrate them during the show. The audience then votes on whose facts are the best. All of it is done in a manner meant to amuse and (less so) to amaze. For example, Papa proved that a pendulum doesn’t swing higher than it’s starting point by swinging an anvil at Herzog’s head. Black proved that fear gives people actual cold feet by having a blindfolded woman put her hands in a box containing snakes and roaches. Trust me, it was funny. OK, maybe you had to be there. (If you want to go to live tapings of TV shows visit The Black List NYC.)

And That’s What’s Making Me Happy This Week.

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